Beans, Beans...

Mom loved to laugh.  Nothing made her smile and laugh more than her two grandchildren; Callie and Carson.

To Mom, everything that Callie and Carson did was spectacular and warranted a video (luck for us, this means we have lots of audio if Mom).

On this particular day, Callie and Carson arrived with beans for lunch, which meant that everyone needed to take a turn singing "Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit" while they ate.

In the first video, Callie gives her rendition of the song; next follows Carson.

Even though everything they did made Mom laugh, Carson took the cake (...or beans?) on this particular day.  

Crossing her legs and trying to stop herself from peeing her pants following Carson's song, Mom couldn't re-tell this story without having to run to the bathroom even months later.

If you listen to the end of the audio, you can hear how hard Mom is laughing.  It captures how every day was spent with Callie and Carson. 

Website Vid 2.MOV
Website Vid 1.MOV

Happy Retirement, Paul!

In the Spring of 2020, Mom and Dad's good friend, Paul, was retiring and his daughter was putting together a celebratory video for him.

Mom didn't often want to be on camera, but on this rare occasion, she agreed.  She wanted Paul to be able to celebrate with his friends, even if they couldn't all be together because of Covid restrictions and isolation.

It's obvious that by the time this video was taken the repercussions of months of isolation were taking an effect because we still don't know what the hell Dad was doing in this video.... 


O Carson, Where Art Thou? ( last place)

Carson got a couple unsolicted lessons in good sportsmanship on this summer day in August 2020 when he and Callie went outside to play.

Always willing to 'go first,' or try something new, Carson happily offered to take the lead when running through the sprinkler. 

Unintentionally, with the words, "see if you can beat Callie," Grandma made the cooperative game into a competition.  As hard as he tried, Carson, who looked like he just escaped from prison, still couldn't run fast enough to beat his big sister. 

As if coming in last place wasn't bad enough, Grandma and Papa dressed him up like he was the newest convict in a re-make of the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Last place and worst dressed...but still a good sport... 

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